- Mufti Ismail Musa Menk (Zimbabwe)

"A person who cannot be trusted is void of true faith in the Almighty."

It is only when we are honest and trustworthy that people would entrust us with their items or issues. Breach of this trust, whether it is of materialistic value or just a simple conversation, is considered a grave sin. As believers, we have already been entrusted with guarding the dignity, honour, respect and property of others. If it is our duty to fulfil such a trust even without being individually requested to do so, then surely if we are asked to do so it becomes even a greater responsibility.

When a person is conscious of the fact that he or she is being watched by the Almighty at all times and becomes strong in this belief, then he or she will be very trustworthy. This is because faith in the Almighty leads a person to being most honest and truthful.

We should be aware that we are all answerable to Our Creator for our deeds and actions. Thus, it is clear that the one who deceives, cheats, lies to and misleads others has become oblivious of this whether intentionally or unintentionally.

It would be correct to say that in the same way that trustworthiness is a sign of the presence of strong faith, the lack of it indicates a weakness of faith or its absence. It is virtually impossible to succeed in any sphere of life when dealing with people who are not trustworthy.